Verilux USB Type C Adapter

Fast Charging USB Type C Adapter: Make Life Easier

Over the past few years, smartphone and laptop usage have increased drastically. Research shows that an average citizen spends around 8-10 hours daily on a laptop or mobile device.

To use the devices effectively, you must use a fast charging adapter to charge your device in minutes so that you can use the devices smoothly and effectively.

This USB Type-C adapter is a perfect companion for you. This right-angle magnetic 90-degree USB adapter supports 120W PD, which provides speedy charging and high-speed data processing up to 480 Mbps.

Benefits of Using a Right-Angled Type C Fast Adapter

Since smartphones and laptops are being used more frequently and seeing the upcoming rise in the use of these devices, fast charging has become an essential requirement.

Using a fast charging adapter that comes with a right-angled design will help you enjoy several benefits, such as:

  1. It has a lower profile, which helps to turn the cable around the plug axis.
  2. It eliminates pressure points that a straight-angled connector might have and protects the cable from twirling.
  3. It allows you to connect with ports that are difficult to reach and can be used for charging car-mounted mobile devices.
  4. Its 90-degree angle design provides convenient charging in horizontal mode.
  5. It offers a more natural connection point that helps to prevent unnecessary stress and damage to the cable and USB ports. 

USB-C Right-Angle Magnetic Adapter

No doubt, all of us are excessively using our smartphones or laptops for different work activities. In this smart era, waiting hours to charge the devices fully can impact work productivity.

If you are also searching for a fast-charging USB type C adapter, then this USB type C right-angled adapter can be the perfect companion to meet all your needs.

Let’s dig out some of the product specifications and features:

  1. Fast Charging: As long as your device is equipped with a PD protocol and Type-C port, this Type-C adapter will provide you with a super-fast charging experience.
  2. High-Speed Data Transfer: This USB type C angle connector comes with five gold-plated pins that support 480 Mbps data transfer speed with stable performance, which will help you read the files safely without damaging the original file.
  3. Strong Magnetic Design: To ensure a strong connection between the adapter and USB-C cable, it comes with a super-strong magnetic design that ensures a tight connection, decreases abrasion during inserting or pulling out the cable, and prevents accidental dragging.
  4. Wide Compatibility: This magnetic USB type-C extension adapter is widely compatible with all smartphones and laptops that are compatible with type-C charging ports.

Want to buy a fast-charging adapter?

In today’s time, having a fast charging adapter can help you charge your devices faster, resulting in more efficiency. If you also want to purchase an efficient and fast-charging right-angle adapter, this product deserves your attention.

Made with premium material and 120W PD, this is the perfect fast-charging magnetic adapter that will meet all your needs. Place your order now and enjoy fast charging and high-speed data transfer.