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Verilux® Car Battery Charger

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Verilux® Car Battery Charger

Tips to Increase the Life Span of a Car Battery

When it comes to cars, nothing can be worse than having a flat battery. When the car is not charged for a long period of time or during cold weather situations, car batteries are particularly at a higher risk of draining. On average, a car’s battery can last 2–3 years. The battery can even get damaged early, depending on the weather and your driving style.

So, how can you prevent your car battery from dying early? Given below are some tips that can help you to increase the life span of a car battery.

  1. Avoid Using Car Electronics When the Engine is Off

If you use the car’s electronics, like the music system, lighting, or AC, when the engine is off, then it puts a lot of pressure on the battery. Using these electronics for a short duration may not be harmful. But running these electronics on the car battery power for a long duration can reduce the battery's reliability and may even reduce its life span.

Next time, whenever you think of using the car’s electronics, ensure the car's engine is on.

  1. Regularly Clean the Battery’s Connectors & Terminals

Battery terminals and connectors get corroded over time. A battery filled with dirt and corrosion can discharge quickly and may even create short circuits. Therefore, cleaning the battery’s connectors and terminals over time is advisable.

  1. Regularly Check the Battery’s Voltage

Proactively testing the car’s battery could prevent a breakdown or battery failure. Checking the battery’s voltage with a voltmeter once a month is a great way to monitor the battery’s condition.

A healthy and fully charged battery will have a voltage of 12.7 volts or above. If the battery’s voltage is less than 12.5 volts, then you should recharge the battery immediately.

  1. Keep the Battery Tightly Fastened

A battery that is not fastened securely and tightly could vibrate. These vibrations can lead to short circuits, which can cause internal damage to the battery.

Next time, whenever you are in the garage, you must remind the mechanic to use a socket wrench while tightening the battery hold-down clamps. It will help to keep the battery in place and will prolong its life.

  1. Never Leave the Car Unused For a Longer Period

A car’s battery performs well when the car is taken out for a ride for at least 30 minutes once a week. It will warm up the engine and circulate the car’s fluids. If you have not turned on your car’s engine for a long period of time, then the car’s battery will automatically lose its charge over time.

Invest in a Car Battery Charger

If you can't drive your car often due to a busy life schedule or other reasons, you must consider purchasing a battery charger to help you maintain the correct voltage. A battery charger provides quick charging for the flat battery. Keeping a battery charger in the car’s tool kit can help you deal with a flat battery.

If you want to buy a good and reliable battery charger for your car, then the 7-stage fully automatic battery charger from Verilux deserves your attention.

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