Verilux® Wireless Bluetooth Mouse

Making Work Easy with Wireless Bluetooth Mouse from Verilux

With the advent of wireless technology, our people have adopted a new way of communicating. Wireless technology has indeed brought a unique hue to contemporary society. It has made it possible for us to listen to music without connecting our headphones to our MP3 players, converse on the phone while driving without using our hands, and, of all things, enable computer users to be more mobile by using Bluetooth keyboards and wireless bluetooth mouse. Bluetooth RF technology is an additional new technology being used in wireless mice.


What is a Wireless Bluetooth Mouse?

Naturally, it is very self-explanatory. A wireless mouse is just what it sounds like - a mouse without cables. These mice communicate wirelessly with a laptop or computer via radio waves. They are surprisingly simple to set up & use. Contemporary wireless bluetooth mouse offers a seamless user experience, dependable connectivity, and responsive usage. For decades computer users were tied to their place using a wired mouse. Thanks to the invention of wireless mice in the middle of the 1990s, computer users now have the flexibility to use a mouse anywhere they like without having to worry about tangled wires!


Verilux’s Wireless Bluetooth Mouse:

When it comes to electronic products, Verliux makes sure to bring unrivalled products to meet various needs. One such offering is the wireless bluetooth mouse. It is a high-precision Wireless Mouse that features 2.4 GHz wireless transmission - you will enjoy an interference-free operation of the wireless mouse, along with outstanding accuracy. 


In a short period, it has become a crowd favourite. But why? Here are the top features that make these mice from Verilux a hit:


  • Dual Mode: It can establish a connection between two devices  - one via 5.1 Bluetooth and the other by using a 2.4GHz USB Receiver. With this dual-mode wireless mouse, you can easily toggle between two devices using only one mouse. However, it is not possible to use 2.4G and Bluetooth modes simultaneously.
  • Works Silently: Right and left buttons include a unique soundless design that allows you to work or play games without making any unwanted noise & disturb others.
  • Commendable Battery Life & Performance: The wireless computer mouse has a built-in 500mAh battery that is rechargeable with a charging cable - it takes only 2 hours to get fully charged. The best part is that the battery can last for over 30 days, depending on how much you use it daily.
  • Intelligent Functioning: After 10 minutes of inactivity, the mouse will go to sleep to conserve energy. You can double-click any button to wake it up.
  • Latest Upgrade: The latest upgrade in the USB mouse comes with an RGB LED Design. You can easily switch the lights with a dedicated button at the bottom of the mouse. 


Some Unavoidable Advantages: 

The most recognisable qualities of a wireless bluetooth mouse are mobility & compatibility. 


The term “Bluetooth” is synonymous with mobility. A bluetooth mouse may be used by a variety of devices and is portable enough to fit in almost any pocket - be it on backpacks, laptop bags or jackets. A Bluetooth mouse has a range of roughly 30 feet, compared to an infrared mouse's 5 to 6 feet.


In addition to being portable, a wireless mouse work with a wide range of gadgets. PDAs, MP3 players, cordless home phones, and various other devices are all compatible with a wireless bluetooth mouse. However, each device should support Bluetooth; several drivers can be needed for multiple devices.


If you want to enjoy all of the goodness, grab the best wireless bluetooth mouse from Verilux.