Verilux® Fountain Solar Power Floating Water Pump

Energise your Garden with Solar Floating Water Fountain from Verilux

Your garden adopts an added layer of personality with the addition of Water features, and if it is a solar-powered one, then it is unrivalled. In addition to being eco-friendly, garden fountains that run on solar power are practically free to use. The best thing about sun-powered fountains is that they provide all the ambience of its traditional counterparts only by using a solar cell to capture the sun's energy. A fountain like Verilux's Solar Floating Water Fountain, which receives ample sunlight every day, will charm you with its relaxing effects.

Verilux Solar Floating Water Pump:

The question is, how do you pick the ideal water pump fountain powered by solar energy for your garden? Here are some of the highlights of the Verilux solar-powered water pump fountain that are bound to impress you in every way possible.


  • Solar Powered DC Brushless Motor: The fountain is entirely powered by solar energy, and the state-of-the-art DC brushless motor assures long life and low power consumption, allowing it to run even when there is little to no sunlight.
  • 4 different nozzles: To meet various fountain heights and patterns, Verilux solar powered water fountain comes with 4 different types of nozzles attached. You can choose from a variety of spraying techniques thanks to the various sprayer heads.
  • Fully Automatic: Within three seconds the solar panel will automatically start operating once sunshine is available, provided the solar panel is facing the sun directly with no obstructions, and clean it frequently to prevent dirt accumulation.


Why are Solar Water Fountains Gaining Popularity?

These solar powered fountains are quite adaptable because there is no need to worry about positioning it - just put them where they will receive lots of sunlight. Solar fountains require a full day of sun to operate to their best. But what else make this amazing creation even more awesome? Check out why solar water pumps are rising to popularity:

  • Yes, solar energy fountains require a lot of sunshine, but they can also be equipped with a battery pack to keep running even on overcast days.
  • These fountains may be installed even in locations with minimal sunlight thanks to a separate solar panel system. The fountain will run so long as the panel is in the sun.
  • The solar water fountains are easy to install, safer than electricity and don’t require wires snaking across your lawn.
  • The majority of solar fountains are easy to install because they are preassembled & come with clear instructions.
  • The fact that a solar garden fountain is free & easy to use is its finest perk.
  • The solar power fountains are excellent accent pieces as a standalone element for any outdoor space.

Deck-up Your Garden with Solar Water Fountains

Are you looking for a focal point or something subtle in the background to deck up your garden or pool? The solar water fountain from Verilux is the ideal outdoor accent pieces for your patio, garden, or indoor courtyard. So, wait no more, and grab one now!