ZORBES® Leather Phone Case for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 2 in 1 Phone Cover with Magnet Card Holder PU Leather Phone Case for Galaxy S23 Ultra with Magnet Card Organizer Cash Wallet, Brown
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  • FUNCTIONAL 2 IN 1 PHONE CASE FOR SAMSUNG GALAXY S23 ULTRA: The phone case for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra consists of one PU texture phone case and 1 magnet card holder which can be attached on the back of the case. The detachable magnet card holder not only simplifies card management but also helps declutter your everyday essentials. Precisely cutouts for speakers and ports keep phone easy to use, it is an ideal choice for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra users to get protection and convenience.
  • UPGRADE PU PHONE CASE: The phone case for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra offers well protection for your device. Constructed from durable PU leather, it safeguards your phone against dust, water, and scratches, keeping it in pristine condition against shocks during use. Unique PU leather texture not just offers a reliable protection for your Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, but also a comfortable a firm grip when you hold your phone in hand without add extra weight.
  • UNIQUE DETACHABLE MAGNET CARD HOLDER: The unique design of this phone case includes a detachable magnet card holder that can be securely attached to the back of your phone. This card holder is equipped with four card slots and a cash compartment, allowing you to conveniently carry your essential cards without the need for a bulky wallet or bag. This offers a practical and efficient solution for card management on the go.
  • STRONG MAGNET CONNECTION: The phone case and card holder are equipped with a strong magnet built-in, ensuring a secure and reliable connection between the two. You can rest assured that they will stay firmly attached to each other, eliminating the worry of loose components or any inconvenience while also easy to separate the card holder. You can choose between two usage methods. This magnetic connection enhances the overall functionality and convenience of the phone case.
  • STYLISH APPEARANCE: Designed with luxury and fashion in mind, this phone case exhibits a stylish look. The combination of the PU leather texture and brown color gives your Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra a sophisticated and elegant appearance. The aesthetics of the phone case are both practical and fashionable, complementing the sleek design of the device.
Vendor: ZORBES
Type: ConsumerElectronics
Weight::  116 g