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Verilux Intel12th 13th Generation LGA1700 Anti-Bending Buckle, CPU Contact Frame Curved Pressure Plate CPU Fixing Buckle, CPU Stress Bending Correction Fixer, Fully Fitted and Fixed Without Trace Installation

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  • INTEL 13TH AND 12TH LGA1700 BENDING CORRECTOR: The contact frame together with the elastic gasket inside evenly distributes the pressure on the entire edge of IHS. The precision CNC machined frame ensures CPU is perfectly flat when installed in LGA1700-BCF socket, preventing it from flexing the middle down. A fixed corrector developed for intel 12th/13th generation CPUs that get bent. CPU Fixed Backplane is designed to prevent CPU warping/bending in favor of CPU fixation.
  • DURABLE MATERIAL: Anodized 7075 aluminum delivers the most strength. The insulating pads and the gasket are made of materials which withstand 130 high temperature, stable and durable to use. The CPU Fixed Buckle made of all-aluminum CNC gold anodizing sandblasting process, and the edge is oxidized, which is not easy to scratch. All aluminum alloy anodized process, CNC manufacturing anodized sandblasting, perfect avoidance of capacitors, giving you the ultimate installation experience.
  • THERMAL PASTE: Thermal compound is the ideal CPU heatsink grease with high thermal conductivity (12.8W), low thermal resistance, metal-free, non-bleeding and easy to apply. The frame puts more even pressure on the processor, reducing the chance of warping. Fully fit Intel12th/13th Generation LGA1700 CPU, chipset is H610, B660, Z690 series. Note: The cpu contact frame is a replacement for the original buckle, not a radiator buckle. CPU Frame Protector has excellent reliability.
  • EASY TO INSTALL AND USE: Easy assembly, precisely fit; with insulation pad can effectively protect friction or crease, tool included. An L-shaped screwdriver is included for easy installation of LGA1700-BCF onto the CPU. With a L-shaped screwdriver, it is recommended to watch the video operation for successful one-step installation. Kindly refer the product description before buying the product. (Note: this product is to replace the original Intel buckle, not the radiator buckle).
  • YOU WILL GET: Including a wrench, UK CUP buckle, thermal grease 12.8W, 2g, scraper. The same specifications as the original LOTES insulation protection foot pads are used. Multiple installations will not wear out the CPU cover. A fixed aligner developed for the situation where the Intel 12th generation CPU will bend. All-aluminum alloy anode process, CNC-made anode sandblasting, perfectly avoiding capacitors, giving you the ultimate installation experience. Also, better protection for your CPU.

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