Verilux 10A Solar Charge Controller 12V / 24V, Solar Regulator Lithium Battery/Lead Acid with Dual USB LCD Display, Adjustable parameters Backlit LCD Display and Timing Settings
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  • Solar Charge Controller with Dual USB Ports: Compatible with 12V 24V system, with output 5V/2.5A (maximum) via dual USB, you can charge mobile phones, tablets, and personal computers freely with this solar charge contrller.This solar charge controller helps you automatically manage the work of solar panels and batteries through a built-in industrial microcontroller. There is no need to reset it when the battery is exhausted, because it will memorize various parameters set by the user.
  • Safe use:short circuit protection, open circuit protection, reverse protection, overload protection, safer to use, suitable for small solar systems such as home, industry, and commerce, [good heat dissipation] bimetallic reverse current protection, low heat Production (avoid direct sunlight or humid places)
  • NOTE: This 10A Solar Regulator is only suitable for Lithium Iron / Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries, lead-acid batteries: Open, AGM, GEL. Not suitable for Ni-MH batteries or other batteries. In order to protect the service life of the battery, once the battery voltage drops below 8V, the solar controller will automatically shut down.
  • Easy to use: The solar controller is equipped with a backlit display, which can clearly display status and data, and can easily switch modes and parameter configuration. The charge controller should be connected to the battery first, then to the solar panel, and finally loaded! The disassembly sequence is consistent with the wiring sequence.
  • This solar charger controller is equipped with industrial grade STM 8 microprocessor, which can control the charger and discharge process.
Vendor: Verilux
Type: Appliance
Weight::  150 g