Verilux® USB C Hub, 6 in 1 Portable Aluminum Multiports Adapter

Why Do You Need a USB-C Hub?

USB c adapter multiport features additional connections in addition to the extra USB ports, including a Gigabit Ethernet connector for wired internet access, an SD/micro SD card reader, and a PD Pass-Through port for charging the attached USB-C device. USB hubs are portable, and when you have one around, you won’t need an additional power source because they are USB powered and plug and play. Multiple USB versions exist, ranging from USB 2.0 to USB 3.2 Gen2. The latter enables a quick data transmission capability.


Why Do You Need USB C Hub?

Gone are the days when only professionals were keen on using this useful invention. The recent times have seen USB C hubs grow significantly crucial to professionals and regulars alike. Why?


Here’s why:


Our laptops have become more portable and better for travelling as they have become thinner, more streamlined, and lighter - this means fewer ports. Fewer ports on our modern laptops are a drawback. However, multiport adaptors can address this issue. To put it in simpler words, multiport adapters are like a connecting bridge for all your devices. Your laptop or computer's USB ports can be increased using a USB hub.


To make the laptops more slim & lightweight, the manufacturers are forced to forgo those additional USB connection ports. Today's laptops often include only one or two USB ports, which is why the USB-C adaptor multiport has become so popular. These hubs can now function as external USB ports. They accommodate practically any computer configuration because they are not only quicker but are also universally compatible.


Many devices still need the more traditional USB Type-A and HDMI interfaces. But, there is no need to worry as a USB C multiport adapter is the most incredible option for such problems. Whether your laptop is from the house of Dell, is a MacBook Pro, or is one with only a USB-C port, buying a USB-C adaptor will be a wise decision.


Which One to Consider?

If you are thinking of buying a USB C hum, consider browning through Verilux’s selection. Our robust collection of hubs are designed to connect a wide range of devices, including USBs, SD Cards, Ethernet cables, HDMI cables, and more, to your laptop. With this, you can download files from your digital camera or camcorder, or mirror your laptop on a sizable monitor using an HDMI wire. Not only this, but you can also connect directly to your office's network by using an Ethernet wire. This multiport USB C adaptor can do a tonne, tonne more for you. The best part is that the 6-in-1 mltiport adaptor has a universal connectivity. It is compatible with the latest laptops, tablets and smartphones with USB-C connection including Dell for XPS 13/15, Google Chromebook Pixel 2016/2017, MacBook Pro/ MacBook Air 2018/2019/2020, Samsung Galaxy etc. Sounds interesting? Go grab our 6-in-1 USB C mltiport adaptor now - you will not regret this decision. Hurry & Buy Now!