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Is your Mobile Phone Causing Neck pain?

Could you imagine 20 years back that we wouldn't be able to survive even a minute without a smartphone? We spend hours each day hunched over a smartphone or tablet. But are you experiencing uneasiness in your neck? Are you feeling a bit of pain in your shoulders & neck? We work on our laptops for hours, play games on tablets, and even watch movies on smartphones. It makes sense that the neck hurts. You might have a "tech neck," as it's known. 

What is Tech Neck?

Tech neck, a repetitive strain injury, results from frequent smartphone use. But how might using a phone or other mobile devices be damaging? Everything falls on how you use it. Many people experience a worsening of their neck and shoulder muscles, as well as their lower back. Your neck's natural curvature changes when you look down or lean forward. This misalignment can eventually strain the neck's muscles and structural components. 

In addition to muscle soreness, tech neck can lead to several other health issues. Your lung capacity is reduced when you sit with your shoulders stooped because your lungs cannot expand as much. Additionally, when you breathe in less oxygen, your heart works harder to pump more blood—which carries oxygen—through your body.

Here are some other issues caused by tech neck:

  • Bad posture and balance 
  • Headaches 
  • Decreased mobility 
  • Soreness and pain in your neck and back 
  • Jaw pain
  • Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ)

How to Protect Your Spine & Neck?

Today, technology is undeniably a staple. But, the drawback of technology? Your spine can be dying from it! Want to avoid giving up your preferred piece of technology while guarding your spine against Tech neck?

Treating tech neck involves exercises and stretches that increase your neck’s strength and flexibility. You’ll also have to change how you interact with your electronic devices. 

  • Lift your smartphone and tablets closer to eye level
  • Take breaks
  • Use a headrest
  • Stretch
  • Use a mobile phone stand

How Can a Mobile Phone Stand Help?

Having a smartphone stand can prove to be highly beneficial. If nothing, your hands & neck will thank you for it. Apart from helping you ease up neck pain and strain, a stand for your phone or tablet can offer the following other benefits:

  1. Comfort: Holding your phone up for an extended period while watching a video can be exhausting. A smartphone can weigh up to 0.3 pounds & putting your smartphone on a stand can ease fatigue in the hands & neck.
  2. Multi-Tasking: These table & mobile stands make it possible to work simultaneously on several devices and different tasks, increasing your productivity at work or even at home. When your hands are free, you can easily indulge in multi-tasking - you could be cooking while watching your favourite movie simultaneously!
  3. Tidiness: If your mobile device has a designated spot on its mobile stand, you will have less clutter on your desktop. Putting it on a portable stand will prevent you from losing it.

So, grab a mobilephone stand to release your neck from unwanted fatigue and strains.