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Verilux® 5050 Colorful RGBIC LED Strip Lights

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Verilux® 5050 Colorful RGBIC LED Strip Lights

Enhance the Experience with RGBIC Led TV Lights

Have you seen the colour-changing ambient lighting surrounding televisions? But did you realise these lighting systems do much more than just decorate? Did you realise that adding these RGBIC Led TV Lights to your TV or entertainment centre has more advantages than just improving the aesthetics? Ambient lighting isn't just something "beautiful" you add to the show - it is way more than that. 

Why Use Ambient Lighting?

A comfortable, even amount of illumination that is neither too bright nor too dark is achieved by ambient lighting. By providing vibrant lights and comforting projections, ambient lighting contributes to creating an engaging environment. It emits the lighting effect according to the user's mood. Typically, recessed spotlights, wall-mounted lamps, halogens, or ceiling lights serve as the primary ambient lighting sources. Multiple light fixtures, such as suspended, recessed, surface mounted, track, and LED light strips, are also widely used to produce more effect. 

Advantages of Using Ambient Lighting 

The goal of ambient lighting is to generate an inviting and even level of light throughout an area by combining colour, temperature, and brightness. Having this base of the light is crucial for maintaining the health of your eyes and preventing extreme straining of the eyes, which could cause discomfort, migraines, and severe eye damage. However, ambient lighting is also vital for establishing your home's appearance. While its primary function is to illuminate a space, lighting also helps you to concentrate on particular objects and features, such as the television, fireplace, or a piece of artwork. 

Ambient Lighting: Not Just a Pretty Light Source

Ambient lighting around your TV or entertainment centre has the following advantages:

  • Reduces Strain on the Eyes: The fact that adding ambient light to your television is a terrific technique to lessen eye strain shouldn't be ignored! Your eyes strain as they try to focus on the bright screen while you watch television or play games on the computer in a poorly light room. By putting a little ambient light behind the TV or entertainment centre, you'll also provide light to the space and make it easier for your eyes to focus on the TV's dazzling screen in a low-light or dark environment.
  • Better Perception: ambient lights like these LED backlights also gives enhanced dimensions to the image you see with increased contrast in the image you are seeing.
  • Enhances the Experience: Adding ambient lighting to your entertainment centre not only just adds depth to the contrast of your visual colours but also enhances your experience by turning the entire space into an extension of the movie or game, thanks to colour-changing lighting systems that mirror the colours on the screen, which makes the movie come to life.

Our mood can be affected by lighting, both at home and in public areas. The primary light source in your room will likely generate a bright light throughout the entire space, allowing you to see clearly and preventing eye strain. So, why don't you give ambient lighting like TV LED backlight a try?

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