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7 Stage Car Battery Charger 12V/7A

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  • Auto Charging/LCD Screen/Heat Dissipation]--High Performance Smart Battery Charger for most 12V vehicle equips with built in smart chips enables the battery charger automatically stops when the battery fully charged. LCD backlit screen can show you the current, voltage and battery situation.Good heat dissipation effect with a built in cooling fan
  • Multi Protection Mechanism]--Safety Goes First,use flame-retardant ABS shell, fire-proof, anti-electricity, corrosion-resistant and durable,can be used in various outdoor environment. Multi protection mechanism,over current protection,reserve connection protection,overcharging protection, low voltage protection, over voltage protection, shortcircuit protection.Also with lock button for avoiding misoperation when charging.
  • Battery Maintenance ]--One repair button, automatically detects battery sulfation and acid stratification to restore lost battery performance for stronger engine starts and extended battery life. Suitable aging battery, damaged battery,etc
  • Easy Operation]--Connect the charger with battery by postive and negative clamp, then plug in then 220V power. The automatic battery charger will start to work and it will automatically stop when the battery is detected at fully charged status.
  • Wide Application]--Compatible with most vehicles of 12V- charge and maintain cars, motorcycles, lawn mowers, ATVs, lawn tractors, trucks, SUVs, boats, PWCs, classic cars, and more. Most battery of 6V and 12V, including calcium, gel, AGM, and wet lead-acid batteries

Product description

Polarity protection: yes

Output short circuit protection: yes

Non-battery link protection: yes

Overvoltage protection: yes

Over temperature protection: yes

Cooling mode: fan

Input voltage: 100-240V AC, 50-60Hz

Rated output: 12V 7A

Minimum starting voltage: 8.0V

Battery range: 6-120Ah

Thermal protection: 65?+/-5?

Efficiency: Application. 85%.

Comply with standards: CB, CE, IEC60335, EN61000, EN55014

Dimensions (L×W×H): 150×90×62 mm

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