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Verilux® USB Switch

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Verilux® USB Switch

Why Should You Use a USB KVM Switcher?

A USB KVM switch allows two or more PCs to share a USB peripheral device such as an external hard disk, USB drives, or scanners. Additionally, you can use a USB switcher to work on multiple computers at the same time with one set of mouse and keyboard.

With the help of a USB switch, you don’t have to set up a complicated network just to share the USB device. Just use an efficient KVM switch, and your USB device will instantly serve any computer that is connected to it. It will save you the cost and space of setting up additional USB devices.

How Does a USB KVM Switcher Work?

The start-up operations of a single console PC are interactively involved with its keyboard, mouse, and monitor. Whenever a PC is turned on, the device operating system tries to detect the incoming signals from the keyboard, mouse, and monitor. Here, a KVM switcher allows switching the correct signals with the help of signal emulation technology without affecting the CPU’s operations.

Benefits of Using a KVM Switch

The primary function of a KVM switch (keyboard, video, and mouse) is to control and manage multiple PCs via a single console of keyboard and mouse. Perhaps you can also use it to connect one USB storage device to two devices at a time.

The benefits of using a bi-directional USB switcher are as follows:

  • Easy access to two PCs with one console set.
  • It supports USB peripherals, which eliminates the need for separate USB hubs.
  • Fast data transfer
  • It reduces the need for additional keyboards and mice, which saves you money from buying additional equipment, and it also frees up desk space.

Verilux USB Bi-Directional Switcher: Features

The KVM switch is easy to connect, and it does not require any heavy setup to use. You just have to connect USB 3.0 data cables to the USB switcher. You don’t have to swap the wires constantly or set up complicated network-sharing software.

Some of the top features of this USB KVM switcher box are as follows:

  • USB 3.0 ports that support high-speed data transfer of up to 5 Gbps
  • compatible with most USB devices such as scanners, USBs, keyboards, mice, etc.
  • One-touch connection of one USB 3.0 device between two computers
  • Easy connection of two USB devices with one computer
  • Universal Compatibility: This USB 3.0 switcher box is highly compatible with Windows 10/ 8/ 8.1/ 7/ Vista/ XP, Mac OS X, Linux, or Chrome OS.

If you have multiple PCs at home, then this is an excellent option for you. Its one-switch button will help you switch from one computer to another or switch one USB support device from another device by just pressing one button.


Verilux’s USB Periperhal switcher box offers distinct benefits over a hardware solution and can help you avoid a tangled web of cables to switch between PCs. It is a must-try switcher that improves efficiency, is cost-effective and saves space.

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