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Verilux® USB C Hub, 5 in 1 Portable Aluminum USB

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Verilux® USB C Hub, 5 in 1 Portable Aluminum USB

Overheating USB C Hub: A Problem to Think About

A USB-C hub connected to your computer can be helpful for a variety of purposes. Why? Because you can do a lot of things faster & simultaneously, like charging devices and transferring data. However, though, the hub might occasionally feel warm or even hot to the touch. The heating problem has always plagued electronic equipment. You must be worried about why your USB-C hub can get hot, if it is safe to use, and if you can keep it plugged in. Read along to get your questions answered.

Why Do Docking Stations Get Hot?

The heating is fine. It's typical but not dangerous for a USB-C hub or port to get warm. But why does it get hot? 

  • The docking USB hub contains a built-in chip, and if there is a chip, there is a heating issue. 
  • More power is required when data is exchanged, which can overheat the internal system. 
  • The chip in such docking stations works very hard to convert several interfaces of various types, including file transfer, audio, and video. 
  • The more the chip alters the type and quantity of interfaces, the stronger the chip processing power and the worse the heating.
  • Like any other electronic equipment, a USB-C hub contains numerous intricate circuit channels that send power through them, which causes heat to be released. 

Furthermore a Type C docking station often comes with a metal foundation, such as aluminium, because it aids in heat dissipation. However contradictory it may seem, heat dissipation protects both your system and the USB-C port. 

Will A Heated USB C Hub Damage your Laptop?

Generally, heating in docking stations is not an issue for the connected laptop or computer. Most connections between the USB Type C hub and a laptop use USB cables. If they don't directly touch the computer, the docking station's high temperature won't be transferred to the laptop. Furthermore, since laptops come with fans, they can still withstand the heat.

However, the docking station’s performance will be impacted if the internal heat is too great. In other words, while heating won't harm the computer or laptop, USB hubs with poor heat dissipation can have poor performance and numerous quality issues, like blank screens, flickering, inconsistent data transfers and will be stuck when it gets too hot, just like a regular laptop.

What to Do When USB Hub Overheats?

It is fine if your docking tstaion gets a little bit hot when you are heavily using it icnstantly. But what to do when your docking station gets hot?

  • Eject It: Eject the USB C hub safely, preferably with a towel or washcloth wrapped around it and give it some time to cool down.

  • Test the Port: Remove the overheating drive from the USB port and insert a different USB drive to see if it also becomes warm.

  • Clean the Connectors: Overheating can happen when a USB port or connector is clogged with debris. Dust off your USB ports and USB flash drive connector with a can of compressed air.

If the problem still persists, connect with a proper service provider to solve the issue. 

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