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Stay Cool Anywhere With Our USB Mini Fan Revolution

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Stay Cool Anywhere With Our USB Mini Fan Revolution

It can be said that being cool has become an essential part of comfort in modern times, that also means being able to perform one’s duties efficiently and in a healthy manner. Oh wait, this is where the mini usb fan comes as a small yet mighty and game-changer device that you need for personal cooling. Regardless of whether you’re using your computer at work, on the road, or while using outdoor equipment, a USB fan can definitely help defeat beat.

Let’s Explore Amazing Benefits:

USB Fan for Back Seat: Universal car usb fan mini and powerful is specially designed to work in a car to give back seat passengers cool wind. Not only to send the cool wind back to the seat , but also can make the air in the car change faster in order to make the air freshener for people in the back seat. You also have the small space to place the aromatherapy slice on the center fan blade cover, they are detached and twist off the fan blade cover, you can put an aromatic slice in to give the car fresh air.

Adjustable 3 Speed Setting: It also comes with 5 blades, this usb fan with adjustable three speeds level:1, 2 and 3, and specially designed to offer portable and quiet small wind for back seat passengers for a little nap, or ever increase the wind speed as hot weather requires, with the help of the controller on the cable.

Universal Installation and Rotatable: Easy and stable installation It is a back seat mini fan and the product can be installed on the headrest post, and can apply to most cars. This is also the reason why the design of the table is flexibly rotatable so that you can adjust the direction of the table accordingly.

USB Plug and Play: USB interface for charging, it is able to connect with car USB interface and power bank directly, one-key operation, which is very convenient. 12V/24V compatible for vehicles with starting batteries. This also means the cable can be easily managed and does not have to be readjusted frequently since it has an adequate length.

Proactive Safety Practices:

Keep Clean: It is recommended to clean the fan blades and grille more often to ensure that they do not get saturated with dust which will affect their working, and cause the fridge to heat up.

Avoid Overcharging: The charging time of the fan’s battery must not be charged more than the recommended time for charging so as to avoid situations where it develops a problem of getting hot or experiencing a form of battery damage.

Use Proper Power Source: It is recommended to always use the right USB power source that supports the use of the fan without causing any electrical related problems or damaging the motor of the fan.

Monitor Temperature: This fan should not be used when the room temperature is very low or else the fan will break down easily. Do not operate it at a high temperature; if it gets too hot to handle during its operation, then it must be switched off and left to cool before it is used again.

Avoid Water Exposure: It cannot be used underwater or anywhere they can get wet. Be sure you protect them from contact with water or moisture in order to avoid electrical short circuits or damage.

Store Properly: In the event it is not being used, the fan should be kept in a cool, dry environment where it cannot be accessed by dust, or even exposed to direct sunlight to ensure it lasts longer.

Check Cables Regularly: Test the USB cable for any signs of flex or damage on both the plug point and inside. Dead wires or wires which have developed some form of wear should be changed in order to remove the risk of electrical shocks.


This is not just any cooling fan, the rotatable usb fan is an effective, portable and improvisational accessory ideal for any environment to boost comfort and productivity. If you find yourself in an environment that you are uncomfortable at work, on a plane, or at home there is always a fan that you can carry with you all you need is a USB port. Get already acquainted with the USB fan phenomenon and bask in the advantages of looking and feeling the best even in any situation.

We are now accepting orders through the COD process, ensuring hassle-free shopping across India.

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