Verilux USB Fingerprint Reader for Windows 10/11, High Precision Bio-Metric Capacitive Fingerprint Reader, Quick Access to Laptop, PC, File, Encryption/Dencryption, Log in, Plug and Play
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  • WINDOWS HELLOW BASED: Based on WBF bio-metric frame and Windows Hellow of Windows system, this USB fingerprint reader can allow you directly log in your computer or lapttop by setting fingerprint log in on your PC. Support WIN7/8/8.1/10 and above, rechieving more convenient and safer logging in.
  • HIGH PRECISION FINGERPRINT IDENTIFICATION: Applying advanced fingerprint reading tech with excellent biometric performance makes sure more precise 360¡ã fingerprint recognition and anti-spoofing protection. Each successful recognition, built in chip will auto self-inspect and complete subtle changes on fingerprint info, continuously improve the recognition accuracy.
  • QUICK ACCESS: 0.5 seconds to verify the fingerprint, login faster and more secure. Detection and certification are faster and safer thanks to intelligent learning algorithms. With just one touch, you can quickly log in without complicated passwords.
  • UPGRADE SAFETY PERFORMANCE: Protect your login and data, file/folder encryption with state-of-the-art fingerprint security. There is no need to enter complex passwords to prevent password leakage. 360¡ã full-angle recognition is accurate, providing you with more accurate and responsive performance than traditional optics, and it is the fastest and safest way to unlock Windows devices.
  • MULTI ADMINISTRATIONS SUPPORTED: Support to record max 10 fingerprint info rechieve multi adnimistration, perfect for home use, office public info management. USB plug and play, easy to use.
Vendor: Verilux
Type: PC Accessories
Weight::  15 g