Verilux Silicone-Shockproof Case Cover Compatible with Samsung Galaxy Buds/Galaxy Buds Plus, Anti-Scratch/Shock Carry Case - Full Protective Case Cover (Bright Black)
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  • NOTE: When in use, please tear off the sticker on the cover to better fit Samsung Galaxy buds/buds Plus. After opening, because the cover has a certain thickness, the lower part of the connection will be moved down due to the pressure, but this does not have to worry. After using it, gently push the lower part up
  • Anti-Scratch/Shock: All-around protective case could protect your headphones from scratch, dust-proof and shockproof. You can easily remove the dust from the case surface by wiping it with a wet tissue or a damp cloth
  • Anti-Lost/Carabiner: Made from High Quality EVA material with PU coating inside could keep your Galaxy Buds not peel off easily. Carabiner is included with this carry case to improve the practicality, you can attach it to your bag
  • New Version: Free wireless charging. The optimal thickness to satisfy both protection and wireless charging support
  • Buds Cover Case: Compatible with Samsung Galaxy Buds/Buds Plus. Soft and flexible silicone case has the same shape as the Galaxy Buds, forming a comfortable space
Vendor: Verilux
Type: ConsumerElectronics
Weight::  41 g