Verilux 4K HDMI Splitter, Input to 1 Output Manual HDMI Switcher, Supports 4K 30Hz 3D 1080P HDCP, Work with X-Box, PS4, PS3, Blu-Ray Player, DVD, HDTV
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  • UPGRADED HDMI SWITCH: Use Aluminum for the case. Two led lights are built beneath a small screen. Two HDMI sources could be connected to one display or one HDMI source to be toggled between two displays. (only one monitor will display at a time )
  • 4K/3D RESOLUTION: Supports 3D/1080P/4K@30Hz and HD audio (4K@60Hz not supported). If your devices support 4K@60Hz, you may need to adjust the output solution down to 4k@30Hz. (e.g. PS4 PRO: select the resolution of 2160p YUV420. Do not select 2160P RGB). Use 4K supported HDMI cable as well.
  • EASY TO USE, PLUG AND PLAY: No power supply required, no external driver needed, install in seconds, Plug and play! The button on top allows you to choose one of two HDMI source devices. Two blue LED indicators will tell which device is working.
  • BETTER COMPATIBILITY: This HDMI Switcher works with most devices with an standard HDMI interface. Input: Computer, XBox 360, XBox One, XBox One X, PS3,PS4, PS4 Pro, Blu-ray DVD player etc. Output: HD-Ready, HDTV, projector and more. It is a perfect solution for one interface and two sources.
  • BETTER STABILITY: This HDMI splitter provides high bandwidth 18Gbps(HDMI 2.0), guaranteed stability and high quality of video and audio. Never worry about delay in transmission.
Vendor: Verilux
Type: ConsumerElectronics
Weight::  55 g